REVOLTECH Action Figure Series by KAIYODO . -

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REVOLTECH Action Figure Series by KAIYODO

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REVOLTECH is a line of figures of the well-known, Osaka-based manufacturer KAIYODO. Revoltech inherits Kaiyodo’s quality, which has been widely recognized for its detailed and faithful sculpts. The series covers a wide spectrum of characters, which is devided into the categories of TAKEYA (Buddhist Statue Collection), PIXAR FIGURE COLLECTION, YAMAGUCHI (Game and Anime Characters designed by YAMAGUCHI KATSUHISA), MAV-LUV ALTERNATIVE (Mechas), TOKU-SATSU (Kaiju Movie Monsters), HOKUTO NO KEN (Fist of the North Star), QUEEN'S BLADE, FRAULEIN (Anime Female Characters). The company also launched a REVOLMINI (or MICRO YAMAGUCHI) line-up with figures of sizes of about 125mm (i.e. KINNIKUKU MAN, METAL GEAR SOLID or BLOOD BLOCKADE BATTLEFRONT), which is said to outperform its bigger versions when it comes to posing. In addition, after nearly 10 years of production and development of the action figures with their innovative joint system, Kaiyodo chose the best among its hugely popular products to let them revive with LEGACY OF REVOLTECH. Revoltech remains innovative and cutting-edge as ever before!


The name Revoltech is an abbreviation of REVOLVER JOINT TECHNOLOGY. The joint technology is featured in all of the product lines and represents the main selling point of Revoltech. It gives figures a very high degree of articulation, revolutionary allowing for dynamic and variable poses with almost infinite possibilities. Although the figures are considered toys, they are more quality collectibles, intended primarily for display. Each set contains of additional pieces for the model to offer an even wider range of how to arrange the display. It is your choice! - Following a big portion of our shop offers and even further down below many great deals on the figures through auctioning. 



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