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Kutani ware

Fri, Dec 11th 2015, 19:36:38

We love the Japanese culture, you know it, it's in our genes and in our name. Despite all the changes and technologies the modern society brought us, Japan managed to keep their traditions and millenary culture untouched integrating them in the everyday modern life. 

In our continued efforts to promote the Japanese culture and traditions, today, we want to introduce you the KUTANI WARE. This unique pottery is one of the emblematic Japanese Iroe, multicolored over the glaze porcelain made in the southem part of Ishikawa prefecture traced back to 1650's in Kutani.

This ceramics are all renowned and highly valued, there are three periods: Ko-Kutani (Literally old Kutani), for the ceramics produced in the first 50 years and consisted of blue, green, yellow and red painted ceramics, Saiko Kutani, or revival of Kutani, who began approximately 100 years after Ko-Kutani, which one of his distinguished techniques is overglaze enamel and gold decorated ceramics, and Kutani who started in the beginning of the well known Meji era in 1860's. Is in this time when the Kutani Ware is introduced to Europe, the "Saishoku-Kinrande", his outstanding design, is a composite design of western materials, modern paint and Kutani techniques.


This capacity for the Kutani ware to mix with modern techniques, designs and material is probably the reason why this antique pottery still alive and a perfect example of how the Japanese culture and traditions managed to survive in the modern society. Today we bring you a unique selection of our best Kutani ware, exclusive Kutani pottery goods specially selected for the occasion, the most representative of the mix between the traditional and modern designs.

Look at this exquisite small Kutani ware skull, the perfect combination of the traditional and modern designs.


Despite this Kutani gold and silver camellia coffee is more traditional, the simplicity of the design and colors gives a modern touch to this unique coffee set. 


In the search for something more traditional-still modern design we found this Kutani cup set with a Japanese style shrimp graphics, simply beautiful.      

Don't forget to check the rest of the list, we are sure that you're going to fall in love with this special Kutani pottery, give a special old-modern touch to your desk, or make the perfect gift!  

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