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Mar 24th, 06:28:38(JST)

Smiley Rice Paddles!

Sat, Sep 17th 2016, 12:34:45

お米を食べよう!Let's eat rice!

Rice, especially white rice, is one of the main foods consumed daily in Japan. It is a vital part to a typical Japanese person's diet, because it provides enough carbohydrates for one to convert to energy so one can get through the day. White rice can be combined with a large variety of other foods because its simple, delicate taste goes well with practically anything. You can eat it with other foods and adjust its flavor so that it's spicy, bitter, salty, or sweet! What is more, rice lasts longer in our stomachs in comparison to noodles and bread, so we can control how much we eat and fend off misplaced hunger. In order to eat rice in its best condition, what is important is its しゃもじ (shamoji), or rice paddle in English. That's why we'd like to introduce you to these smiley rice paddles that will guarantee to bring a smile to your face! 


These adorable, mischievous-looking rice paddles are from the Japanese company Akebono. Each rice paddle features a funny, smiley face that adds some fun to your cooking! This series of rice paddles are called 自立しゃもじ (jiritsu shamoji), which translates to "independent rice paddles" because unlike normal rice paddles, they're able to stand up straight on their own. This independent feature proves to be quite helpful when cooking in a busy kitchen. They also have a small opening at the bottom so that way you can hang it up freely as kitchen decor. 

What is more, these rice paddles were created through patent double embossment process, which ensures that the sticky rice doesn't stick messily on its surface. Since they stand on their own, it is far more sanitary than other rice paddles. Its thick handle allows for easier usage and its shape makes it able to scoop rice smoothly. 

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