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Popin Animals Earphone Jack Accessories!

Wed, Mar 1st 2017, 11:15:32

There's no "i" in team, but there's an "i" in animals! Want to add your own uniqueness to your phone? Check out Popin Animals Earphone Jack accessories! This collection of earphone jack accessories features playful, brightly colored animal plugs you can insert into your earphone jack! They make your phones pop with color and adorableness!

Are they real? They're too good to be true! What tiny, kawaii animals! These small animal plugs come in a large variety, from common farm animals such as cows and pigs, to forest animals like owls and rabbits! They have natural colors, like brown and black, but also come in wacky, creative colors like light blue and bright pink! These plugs make for a fun, unique accessory that add color to your boring phone. Why not turn that simple-looking phone into something that spells out personality? Any animal lover out there definitely needs this earphone jack accessory!

You'll make people take double takes as they pass you by. The cute accessory on your phone will catch their eyes, and they'll say in spite of themselves, "Was that a yellow cow on that guy's phone?" You can cheer people up with this comical, amusing item. They make great little gifts too! Also, they're not limited to smartphones and iPhones. You can also stick this plug into your game system too, such as your Nintendo DS! Want your own little animal to take with you on your phone adventures? Scroll down for products we have here at J-Subculture today!

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