Cover Plates for New Nintendo 3DS. -

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Cover Plates for New Nintendo 3DS

Sun, Nov 29th 2015, 11:30:34

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For a change! Nintendo's creativity is not limited to the screen, but may also be found plentiful when it comes to manufacturing games accessory.

For instance the so called 'dress-up plates', which are decorative cover plates that can be attached and exchanged for the NEW NINTENDO 3DS**console. There is an abundance of designs related to SUPER MARIOPOKEMONLEGEND OF ZELDAKIRBYMONSTER HUNTERANIMAL CROSSING and SPLATOON among many more stylish and popular Nintendo themes. What is more, different textures are available too, such as wood panel or embossed types. You may experiment with the covers and customize them the way you like it, coming up with ever new creations for your 3DS console. New patterns are gradually added, so that you don't run out of 'dressing' options!

** not compatible with New Nintedo 3DS XL

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