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The order of purchasing agency must be paid between Sun, Feb 26th 2017, 00:00:00 and Sun, Feb 26th 2017, 23:59:59.
*The time is based on Japanese Standard Time (UTC+9).

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About the Service of J-Subculture.

We can purchase products and ship them to you, on your behalf.

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Attention: A Note About Cost

A domestic mailing cost, a transfer handling fee, and an international mailing cost are required besides the above-mentioned price.

Shopping Cost.
  Example(JPY) Pricing
Product Price 5,000JPY  
Commission 750JPY 500JPY + 10% 350JPY + 8% *discount
Handling fee(Bank fee) 172JPY *Rates may vary.
172JPY[other banks] from 1JPY to 29,999JPY
270JPY[other banks] from 30,000JPY
302JPY[Japan post bank]
COD (Cash On Delivery) 0JPY Rates may vary.
Local delivery fee from seller to J-Subculture 250JPY Rates may vary.
Transaction Fee 281JPY 3.9% + 40JPY

The fixed handling fee of 350JPY will be only charged once for purchases at the same shop. However, in case of purchases for more than 20 pieces at the same location, from the 21st product on another 350JPY will be charged. In other words, 350JPY handling charge for bulk orders per 20 products is applicable.

Shipping cost.
  Example(JPY) Pricing
Shipping Commission FREE FREE
International Shipping 1,100JPY *claim of actual expenses.
International mailing charges list
Transaction Fee 83JPY 3.9% + 40JPY