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  •   Decorate your life. Color your plans. Express your feelings. Create your personal design. Deco Rush! PLUS Stationery Company offers various stationery supplies in abundance. Their products come...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/10 13:03:13
  •   Having beautiful hair has been treasured greatly in Japanese culture. There is even a saying in Japan that goes, [髪は女の命」 (kami wa onna no inochi), which translates to, "a girl's hair is he...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/10 12:01:50
  • Puyo Puyo is a series of tile-matching video games created by Compile. Sega has owned the franchise since 1998, with most releases after 2001 being handled by Sonic Team. The success of Street Fighter...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/06 18:35:32
  • Anyone who is a true fan of the fantastic film My Nieghbor Totoro will surely want to own any kind of merchandising from the film- Today we are bringing to you one of the most useful, helpful and cute...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/06 18:35:29
  • Our kids use to have fun in many different ways as we did… but there are funny, creative and safe things to do -by their own- or with their parents and friends… one of them is precisely ...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/06 18:35:26
  • Line is a very well known application for instant communication chats on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. Line users exchange texts, images, video, etc. Line first launched in Jap...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/06 18:35:24
  • Here we have a truly amazing collection of the most imaginative and curious puzzles you can find on the market! Challenge your visual, spatial and observation skills while you and your family and frie...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/04 21:33:10
  • We are always looking for the best options for the creative people out there, specially for artists and manga drawers! And here we have the most amazing starter pack you would ever dream because with ...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/04 21:33:07
  • If you have a party at home and you want to offer your friends some delicious cocktails and iced drinks, why not try to be original and prepare the beverages with super fresh, funny and cute ice cubes...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/04 21:33:05
  • This is a super cool item. A handheld vibrating super cute cat paw massager equipped with soft and rounded pads for gentle caressing of overworked muscles! It is available in both brown and pink. Fir...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/04 21:33:02
  • Reduce clutter and restore order to your office with these cute, handy and super funny clips! Each one is designed to keep your papers and memorabilia together, so you can find the right documents in ...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/03 19:04:28
  • Kakigōri is a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and a sweetener (many times delicious condensed milk). The most popular flavors include strawberry, cherry, lemon, green tea, grape, melon...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/03 19:04:25
  • Tired of having all your mug cups disorganized and all over the place? Want to drink out of something light and of your favorite design? Introducing character stacking cups! Stacking cups in Japan are...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/03 15:31:09
  •   If you're a fan of San-X, then you've got to know Rilakkuma, our laidback bear friend. Taking the words "rilakkusu" (meaning relax in Japanese) and "kuma" (meaning bear in J...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/03 14:22:31
  •   Daily facial skin care is what keeps our skin youthful, bright, and beautiful. Made in Japan and based on the idea of maintaining the skin through affordable, effective products, LuLuLun Facial...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/03 13:02:44
  • Have you ever been to Wonderland? The original Alice in Wonderland was adapted from an 1865 novel called, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," written by Lutwidge Dodgson, otherwise known as ...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 07/03 11:28:12
  •    What's squishy, kawaii, and fun to have? Moni Moni Animals! もにまるず、or Moni Moni Animals, are handmade, squishy animal figures that fit in the palm of your hand! You can't get enough of the...
    [Japanese Auction] 06/26 15:10:23
  • In Japan, when we hear the word "summer," many things come to mind. Yukata, uchiwa, mugiwara boushi, natsumatsuri, fuurin. These words are all connected to Japanese summer--yukata, a type o...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 06/26 14:38:19
  •    Introducing Monchhichi, lovable stuffed monkey-like fairy dolls sure to make anyone smile! Monchhichi were made and sold since 1974 by the famous Japanese doll company Sekiguchi Copo...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 06/26 12:21:04
  • Every kid has the need of creating, of exploring their own limits and discover new ways of thinking… probably the most important thing for them is to learn while they are having fun. One of the...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 06/25 16:47:32

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