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Mar 24th, 06:33:57(JST)

Ghost is the Shell new Movie and Merchandising

Fri, Jun 26th 2015, 10:54:32

The new Ghost in the Shell movie is now broadcasting in Japan Theaters! It is always good news for the original series fans to see this franchise still standing and getting stronger!!

Right now, there are 2 storylines taking place, the first one as a TV series Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Alternative Architecture, which is a based on the Ghost in the shell manga, that is being aired in Japan too.

The last episodes of the series Pyrophoric Cult connects directly with the new film plot!

The film plot starts with the event of the assassination of the Prime Minister of Japan, and the Public Security Section 9, lead by the charismatic character Motoko Kusanagi, is going to bring to light the real nature of the murder.

Here you have the trailer of the new movie, there is no release date for overseas so there is no subtitles yet for the movie, BUT, everything is really graphic and visual, so I think you will have no problem understanding the plot!

You know that there is no new release which its corresponding merchandising. As you know, the Ghost in the Shell universe is categorized as science fiction and cyberpunk, so expect a bunch of amazing stuff!

The new T-shirt and Iphone case accessories are outrageously cool.

You can use our easy order system in our webpage to satisfy your Ghost in the Shell cravings!



The new collaboration sneakers is actually what blew my mind away! Hybrid Mind Market

is a Tokyo based sneaker brand famous for doing collaborations with famous anime characters; and the turn of Ghost in the Shell is here!

 The image on the sneakers is the representation of the background buildings from the Ghost in the Shell first movie.



The good news about the sneakers is that there are in plenty of sizes, from 23cm to 30cm so that’s something to consider!! The brand is taking orders now, but the shipping of schedule for October, since these are not mainstream sneakers, but a handmade art ;D The price without taxes is around 8,990Y.

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