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Oct 21st, 04:36:44(JST)

NES! The Retro gaming is trend.

Sun, Jul 19th 2015, 17:13:45

At the time of Playstation 4, Wii-U, Xbox One and other modern console, the retro gaming has never been so trend. A lot of nostalgic players use skins to transform their console in old system.

Among all the old game system, there is one that every player knows. The NES: Nintendo Entertainment System. This legendary console is still in the heart of most of them. Japan is well known to have players who cherish their game system. The old systems sold in Japan are usually in perfect state and are still usable as on the first day. Want to retrieve the emotion of those old games? Don't hesitate longer, buy the real thing. Your NES system awaits you for hours of games or simply to complete your collection.

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