NEW NINTENDO 3DS XL (LL) dedicated Console Covers - Protected and all the more decorative!. -

Nov 17th, 16:19:37(JST)

NEW NINTENDO 3DS XL (LL) dedicated Console Covers - Protected and all the more decorative!

Mon, Dec 7th 2015, 17:42:46

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Officially Nintendo licensed accessory products by TENYOUPLEX and MAXGAMES for the NEW NINTENDO 3DS XL, or LL as it is defined in Japan. A cool way to protect and style your plain console with these character design covers. Unlike from other makers, since the products are directly approved by Nintendo, they are guaranteed conform with the consoles. Give your game device a signature looks and game on!

Besides its soft and hard covers, MaxGames offers also a coordinated solution with their sets of DISNEY and POKEMON designs, containing the cover as well as decoration seals for the interior of the device (see image). Separately available of the same brand are also Nintendo 3DS/DS CARD STORAGE CASES, which we also included in the below listing. 


Plex sticks more to the anime/manga theme for its custom hard covers, with designs of popular series like DRAGON BALLYOKAI WATCH or ONE PIECE. One touch, the cover is mounted, your console safe from scratches and dirt

Tenyou also offers a wide spectrum for game accessories, including protective covers with fantastic STAR WARS images like KYLO REN. The card cases listed below come also in Star Wars fashion and hold 8 pieces of either 3DS or DS respectively. With that every gamer should be fully geared.


Last but not least, should you get tired of the design or the outer surface is battered beyond all recognition, we shall be happy to provide you with a new type. For any questions, please know our team available, just one message away. Good fun gaming!


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