The NENDOROID Series - Your favorites, just way cuter!. -

Nov 18th, 00:37:00(JST)

The NENDOROID Series - Your favorites, just way cuter!

Tue, Nov 10th 2015, 17:02:41

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NENDOROID, definitely more than your ordinary figures! 

The Nendoroid series is one product branch of GOOD SMILE COMPANY, a well-known Japanese hobby goods manufacturer. The figures are highly sought collectible items in Japan and also gain more and more popularity with collectors abroad. Nendoroid are palm-sized figures made from ABS and PVC materials, typically depicting characters from popular anime, manga or video game series. The characteristics of the figures is that they are designed in deformed style with heads and body not in proportion to each other. The heads are bigger to lend the figures an extra cute appearance, which is emphasized by their distinct large eye design. The figure sets come with extra parts such as objects the characters commonly use or are equipped with in the series, as well as a base to support the standing in various poses for display. Their faces and other body parts are exchangeable, giving free range of different expressions to express their emotions. Some collectors even interchange parts of differents sets, others go as far as to modify the figures by painting them or adding self-made items. The figures of the main Nendoroid line-up have a size of approx. 10.0 cm. There is also a smaller version with the NENDOROID PUCHI sets that contain multiple figures of sizes of approx. 6.5 cm. The entire collection comprises of several hundred character designs and new figures are gradually added intervals. Exepct for hardcore collectors, one will have troubles to catch-up with the frequency of releases of those little fellows. For those, who want make belt and braces, PRE-ORDERS are supported at our shop. 


To put a NENDOROID in comparison with another figure type (i.e. FIGMA), that is what it looks like on the example of K-ON!'s YUI.

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