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Apr 20th, 21:54:38(JST)

Hyper YO-YO

Fri, Aug 21st 2015, 16:38:46

Bandai, one of Japan's most famous toymakers, has brought together the world's leading yo-yo brands to design special models for their Hyper Yo-Yo series, a Japan-exclusive!

Bandai is seeking to rekindle the Hyper Yo-Yo boom of the late 1990's, responsible for over 20 million yo-yos sold worldwide and forever changing the international yo-yo scene. The company didn't develop their own yo-yos initially (though they did develop the Hyper Dragon and Hyper Dragoon yo-yos, but rather licensed products from other manufacturers such as Yomega, Duncan and Russell. Bandai was very active in the community, sponsoring teams such as Team High Performance Japan. Hyper Yo-Yo products were sold in a number of countries including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, France, Taiwan and Spain, the yo-yos sold were not the same in all countries.


Hyper Yo-Yo was revived in 2004, and in 2010 again distributing Duncan and Yomega yo-yos, this time also featuring YoYo Factory products, along with the introduction of the customizable HyperCluster series and the motorized Hyper Infinity yo-yo.

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