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Oct 24th, 06:36:20(JST)

Casio Retro Watches, back to the 80s!

Tue, Oct 20th 2015, 21:25:15

As we told you recently we want to celebrate that due to the Back to the Future movie we are almost in the future, remember 21 of october of 2015 was when Marty Mcfly's Delorean arrived to the future, despite we don't have flying cars, and the floating skateboards still in developing process, we want to celebrate that the future is almost here!


Today we introduce you one of the most iconic product of the 80s, the casio wrist watch, if you were born in the 80s you may have one of those old style silver color or black plastic Casio wrist watches, so if you have not already done, find it and put it on because they're back!

May be because the nostalgia or the timeless design of this wrist watches, the thing is that few years ago people started wearing them again, they look cool on your wrist and give you a certain retro style. There are a lot of models and versions, some of them made with simple black plastic, others with bright silver or gold finish cash, some like the DBC-611G Data Bank comes with a calculator and even a keyboard in a beautiful gold finish. 

We spend some time finding the most beautiful, cool and old style ones, case if Marty Mcfly was wearing Casio, you should do too and just if you were wondering, Marty Macfly's Casio is a CA-53 like this

Casio A168

Casio A159

Casio F91W

Casio CA-53

Casio DBC-611G

Casio A158

Casio DBC-32

Casio LA680

Casio F91W-3S

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