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Most people in the hobby and gaming scene, who hear the name SQUARE ENIX, would likely think of game software, such as the brilliant FINAL FANTASY game series. But the company has more up its sleeve with PLAY ARTS KAI. Play Arts Kai is basically Square Enix' line of exquisite collector's action figures, meticulously sculpted and painted for unmatched high quality by outstanding artists such as TETSUYA NOMURA.


Some may argue Play Arts Kai line outmatches its peers like FIGMA and S.H. FIGUARTS in detail, but then it is all a matter of taste and own preferences. They are definitely sturdier in built and tower above the others in size, figures usually ranging between 25 - 30 cm in height. On the other hand they are not quite as literally flexible in how they can be posed, although Square Enix introduced a new joint system to its more recent releases for enabling smoother and wider range of articulation of its figures. Along with the articulation, Play Arts Kai action figures have seen many changes over the years in design. While some of the characters underwent a bold and radical redesign (e.g. VARIANT MARVEL UNIVERSE, DC COMICS, STAR WARS ect.) some have stayed more true to the established looks (i.e. METAL GEAR, KINGDOM HEARTS or STREET FIGHTER). Initially the focus was more on in-house characters, meanwhile though the figure line-up contains of a great mix of franchises also outside of Square Enix, for example from other game factories, Hollywood blockbuster movies, comic books and manga/anime respectively. Despite the reinterpretation of some of the designs, Play Arts Kai still manages to capture the essence of the familiar characters while giving them a unique style. All figures include an arsenal of variant parts and character-appropriate accessories to reenact familiar poses and dynamic scenes.


Whether you are a veteran collector or just start with the hobby, the impressive Play Arts Kai action figures should definitely be in your scope!


Maybe the grimming looking Arkham-Gang can convince you!?

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