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Collecting is a phenomenon that can be observed worldwide and is found in many forms. Japan poses no exception to this and means a great deal to many, who love to gather their favorite anime/manga series, toys and more. Pop-culture goods then make up a big portion, whereby figures and statues of all kinds rank in the upper spheres in the genre. Well, it can be asserted that for a large fellowship of the community it is more than just a popular pastime activity because aficionados can create miniature worlds of their own, which are then inhabited by their favorite characters, with whom they can interact and build up an intimate relationship. Meanwhile figures are much more than just a private display at home, people take them out to make pictures, write blogs about them to share their affection with other like-minded people. 

Figures and scale models come in a wire range including characters from manga, anime, and video games, as well as specimens from outside the world of pop-culture - the list almost endless. This is not only true for the genres, but also the sizes, which run plentiful from miniatures to large scale figures. We narrow down the scope a bit by picking out and introducing the most sought types ones of anime, manga, hit movies and video games. Yet it may be still a bit overwhelming to keep the overview in the abundance of brands, categories and shapes, where to begin or continue collecting. Supposedly there is no right or wrong in doing, but creating a collection that can be enjoyed by oneself for many years without losing interest is a more complex affair than many might think it is. Seasoned collectors, depending on their budget, therefore often specialize on particular brands/themes or lay more a focus on the type of craftsmanship they consider most beautiful. This is thought to be a simple, yet effective basic rule to avoid growing a random mish-mash collection that one might eventually get bored of down the road. The brands listed below are well-established and appreciated for their continuous supply of quality products, therewith we hope to give a good starting help for newbies as well as a complete source for more experienced collectors to not lose track. We like to offer a humble portal to our customers, from where everyone can start or expand a collection. 

We have categorized the brands with approx. price ranges for the figures BEFORE OR AT THE TIME OF RELEASE. Usually for figures the prices will likely go up once they are on the market because the number of items decreases gradually. So it follows a simple DEMAND/AVAILABILITY principle. For the price ranges indicated some products that are not yet on the shelves could pose exceptions, for example special/limited versions. 

A Category         1 - 2500 JPY

B Category   2500 - 7500 JPY

C Category  7500 -20000 JPY

D Category          20000+ JPY


By Brand:

Banpresto / Ichibankuji Lottery Award Figures, Banpresto (shopping / auction) - A Type

UDF Ultra Detail Figure Series, Medicom (shopping / auction) - A Type

Nendoroid, Good Smile Company (shopping / auction) - B Type

Figma, Max Factory / Good Smile Company (shopping / auction) B Type

S.H.Figuarts, Bandai (shopping / auction) B Type

Revoltech, Kaiyodo (shopping / auction) B Type

Cu-Poche, Kotobukiya (shopping / auction) B Type

Bishojou, Kotobukiya (shopping / auction) C Type

Play Arts Kai, Sqaure Enix (shopping / auction) -  C Type

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth SeriesBandai (shopping / auction)  -  C Type


By Theme:

Pre-Orders with J-Subculture (shopping / auction / proxy)

Monster Hunter (shopping / auction)

Marvel (shopping / auction)

Effect Parts by Bandai (shopping)

Star Wars (shopping / auction)

Takeya Revoltech Kaiyodo (shopping)

Touken Ranbu (shopping / auction)

Lupn the 3rd (shopping / auction)

Nendoroid Pouches (shopping)

Revoltech Figure Complex Series (shopping)

For the selection of products further down below we focus on no particular brand or theme, but on sculpts in the higher price segment of the C + D CATEGORIES. They captivate through excellent paint work and beautiful craftsmanship of great detail, modelled by devoted artisans. There is such a profusion of fine items out there that we could impossibly cover them all here, but we will do our best to update the list with popular and unique characters for you to choose from. We can also act as an agent for you on PRE-ORDER items, which can be very attractive because as mentioned above often times the prices are more competitive before the items are physically sold in retail shops. Please take full advantage of our service range.  

Please take your time to browse our various offers. Should you search for a particular item that is not listed below or otherwise not detectable in our storefront, please don't hesitate to contact our team, we will be happy to assist with any query and to search for specific items. Also PRE-ORDERS are possible in most cases. In the event that you would spot any errors for products, offers or other areas on our page, please inform us about it, so we may improve our services to provide a better shopping experience for the future. For the actual products, please be aware that they could differ from the images displayed here. With all that said, please enjoy your tour in our shop! 






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