Sylvanian Families a super furry world!. -

Mar 22nd, 07:37:39(JST)

Sylvanian Families a super furry world!

Sat, Nov 21st 2015, 12:12:35
The Sylvanian Families dollhouses need no introduction, they're one of the best known dollhouse sets ever. Created by the Japanese company Epoc in 1985, Sylvanian Families, which means "Families of the forest", is a collectible line of dollhouses and animal figures. Although the first Sylvanian Families dollhouses and figures were made of porcelain and the furniture of wood, nowadays they are made of other materials like plastic, metal and fake fur.  


The possibility of adding new furniture or figures and the durability of the materials make the Sylvanian Families the perfect kid toy or collector's collectable and since you always can add new little friends and furniture to your collection, the play experience is extended and the imagination become the only limit. 


In J-Subculture we want to offer you all you need for getting into Sylvanian Families fantastic and super furry world. You'll love this world, here nothing bad ever happens, the only difficult decision you're going to make is what buddy you're going to choose to begin your Sylvanian Families adventures. 

Despite their quite European you may want to make a Japanese Sylvanian Family, as cute as this Sylvanian Families rabbit family with their little kimono set!


We told you, in Sylvanian Families world nothing bat ever happens, but that's because their Ambulance and Cottage Hospital! 


The Sylvanians life is easy and happy but they also need to rest and have vacations, take your Sylvanians to a road trip with the Sylvanian Families Motorcycle Sidecar, goggles, helmets, maps, they have everything they need and they born to be wild!


As you can see the Sylvanian Families world is cute, beautiful and super furry! 

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