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Blythe dolls

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The first Blythe doll was manufactured by Kenner in 1972 and designed by Marvin Glass & Associates, one of the world's most important studios at that time. Later Kenner was bought by Tonka Toys, which in turn was bought by Hasbro and that is how they has come to own the Blythe dolls rights. At the beginning, the large eyes that changed between 4 colors with the pull of the drawstring at the back of the doll's head was found a bit scary by children, in consequence Bythe was produced just for only one year, then it was forgotten.   


Was not until 1997 when Gina Garan was introduced by a friend to Blythe dolls, in this point Gina had given an old camera she needed to test, so she decided to start taking with her at least one of her Blythe wherever she went on her travels and take photos of her. In December 1999 showed her photos to Junko Wong at the opening of the CWC International artist in Soho, New York. Mr Junko took those photos to Parco, one of the most important Japanese department stores. In the summer of 2000, "This is Blythe" by Gina Garan, was published by Chronicle Books, by Christmas of the same year Japan was taken by Blythe after Parco's Christmas campaign featuring Blythe in a TV commercial and print media. 


Since that year the popularity of the Blythe dolls has increased and in addition to vintage Blythes who jumped in price, the handmade and modificated Blythe dolls communities and fans spread all over the world. Nowadays the Blythe dolls world it's not no much about playing with them but more about modifying and photographing your Blythe.

Although there's people focused just on collecting Blythe dolls and accessories, there is a huge community who is dedicated to the modification and creation of Blythe dolls. Understanding the Blythe doll like as a blank canvas, the fans of the Blythe dolls modification creates a unique versions of this dolls, not only by changing and altering the original bodies but by creating their own clothes, hair, eyes or accessories.

It is now apparent that when this doll came to life for the first time at 1972 she was ahead of her time, forgotten for many year until the world rediscovered and fall in love with those big and charming eyes. If you are one of those who can't resist to Blythe dolls unique style, in J-Subculture we have all you need to become a Blythe doll fan, don't think twice and adopt a Blythe doll! 

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