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Dragon Ball Carddass is back!

Wed, Nov 25th 2015, 18:05:03

It was 1988  when Bandai launched "Carddass" a series of anime and manga trading card collections. The name Carddass was given to the Bandai's vending machines and then used as a generic name for the cards sold by these vending machines. The fun fact is that the origin of this name is the name of the Japanese weather data gathering system, the AMeDAS (Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System), launched at the same year, the idea was to make Carddass an information source for young people.

Many popular anime series has been made into Carddass cards, series like Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Digimon, Dr Slump, Gundam, Naruto or Neon Genesis Evangelion and despite Bandai discontinued the Dragon Ball Carddass card series and has been out of print for 18 years, their coming back, and will include new cards from Dragon Ball Super. The new cards will be on sale throughout Japanese convenience stores and vending machines December 26 with a total of 132 cards. In packs of 6 cards, the collection will have 80 normal and 52 holographic. Each pack will cost 100 yen ( around 80 cents ) and a complete box will be also available. 



Nowadays and until the new series comes, you still be able to make the old Dragon Ball Carddass series collection by purchasing the cards at Japanese auction sites, the Dragon Ball Carddass was divided in three series, the part 1 and 2, Dragon Ball, with random cards and with six rare prism cards in each one, for the first part the rare cards were Shenron, Old King Piccolo, Young king Piccolo, Master Roshi without sunglasses, and teen Goku shooting a Kamehameha. For the second part the rare cards were, the main cast from the Piccolo Jr. Saga, Young Goku, Kid Goku, Young King Piccolo, Roshi using the Evil Containment Wave and Piccolo Jr. shooting an energy wave. The second series, Dragon Ball Z, parts 3-25 with the majority of the cards and the third, Dragon Ball GT, parts 26-30. 


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