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WOODY PUDDY wooden toys.

Wed, Dec 2nd 2015, 10:05:04

For children, to play is to learn, to imagine, to live, but nowadays toys are usually complicated, full of tiny parts and don't let much space for kids imagination, in the other hand they're usually made by all kind of unhealthy and non eco-friendly plastics. This is exactly what Mr Nakagawa, the president of Woody Puddy thought when he quit his job and start this company.  

Woody Puddy's philosophy is to offer high quality wooden toys with simple designs who will push kids imagination. The Woody Puddy Play House Series features a whole collection of different wooden kid size house furniture, kitchen and food products. The magnet system of Woddy Puddy's wooden fruits and vegetables allow kids to slice them as many times as they want. 

Meet the colorful roast fish set with all that your kid needs to fall in love with the Japanese cuisine! 


What about starting a small wooden business? With the Woody Puddy Cash Register kids will have fun while they learn maths without even realizing about it.


Is important for the little ones to learn that they have to help at home. If we make it an adventure, washing the dishes can be a funny thing and if they're used to see it as a game they'll love it!


But we can't clean any dishes if we don't have them! That's why the Woody Puddy Tray set is the perfect pack for starting a funny and colorful wooden kitchen. 


And this is just the beginning, the Woody Puddy Play House series is made by a huge list of different accessories, check them all! 


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