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BOWL & SOUP sets!

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White rice and miso soup are a Japanese basics. The typical Japanese meal consists of vegetables, fish or meat, but no matter your choice you'll always get a bowl full of white boiled rice and another of miso soup.  

We are pretty sure that you know how to cook a bowl of white rice but in the case that you ever wondered how to cook miso soup, we want to give you the step by step recipe and a few tips about the miso soup, here you have the J-Subculture miso soup recipe! 


One of the reasons why the miso soup is a basic is that it is a extremely easy recipe. You are going to need some dried wakame (dried seaweed), tofu paste, a block of tofu (firm tofu), spring onion and dashi stock (bonito stock). You will easily find this ingredients in your nearest asian super market. 

First step is to rehydrate the dried wakame with water in a bowl, then chop the block of tofu into small cubes and slice the spring onion into rounds. Next step is to mix boiled water with the dashi, in the meantime pour some of that water in another pan an stir 2 tablespoons of miso paste. Now remove the wakame from the water and add it along with the diced tofu directly to the stock. Add the dissolved miso paste to the stock and turn off the heat, if you boil it the miso soup it loses its flavour. 


Regarding to the block of tofu and miso paste there are a few thing you have to know, there are tree main types of miso paste, white miso, it has rice as its main ingredient and a small percentage of soybeans, its short fermentation makes it perfect for tasty dressings or light marinades. The yellow miso, this miso is not to strong and is fermented with a small amount of rice, perfect for soups! And the red miso, this has been fermented the longest so its have a strong taste and deep color, use it with sturdy vegetables like asparagus or eggplant. 


The firmness of the block of tofu is another thing to consider, you'll find, soft, medium, firm, extra firm, and super firm tofu blocks. Wile tofu can be boiled, gilled, fried or mixed with other ingredients you'll choose your tofu depending on it, it is obvious that you're not going to use soft tofu if you're going to fry it, right? :^) 

J-Subculture's miso soup recipe is probably the easiest and most basic one, but since Japan is a huge country there are a long number of variations of this recipe, despite this fact, there is something that never change between them, you need a Japanese bowl and soup set! 


Despite it seems a single bowl with a cover, they're in fact two bowls, one is used for the rice and the other one for the miso soup. There are thousand of designs and today we bring you a special selection so you can try our unique miso soup recipe in one of those beautiful J-Subculture's BOWL & SOUP sets! 

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