New year calendars!. -

Apr 19th, 09:52:34(JST)

New year calendars!

Thu, Dec 31st 2015, 17:17:33
That was fast, right?! The new year  it's already here and in J-Subculture we are so exited about it, we have a lot of new products and ideas for the 2016 but the goal it'll be the same, to introduce you the best products and keep sharing our love for the Japanese traditional and pop culture.

Anyway, and despite all our effort and work, it will be in vain without one thing, your passion for this country and, let us be clear about this, passion is what moves the world.  

Today, and to celebrate this new year we want to offer you something special, something that will remind you that in J-Subculture we are available for you anytime you need us, this is why we want to introduce you a special selection of the best 2016 Japanese calendars!

Japanese cat & dogs, Hatsune Miku, Pokemon, Maru-chan, Sword art online II, Moomin, Naruto ... you'll fall in love with the designs of our unique list of the best 2016 calendars, check it and celebrate this new year with J-Subculture!

Happy new year!  

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