ANIMAL CROSSING - Small, but fine Accessory for every Fan!. -

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ANIMAL CROSSING - Small, but fine Accessory for every Fan!

Tue, Jan 19th 2016, 14:52:57

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It is a bustling little world to enter and a mellow community to join with ANIMAL CROSSING, which is an open-ended 'life' simulation game series created by NINTENDO. The series seamlessly integrates itself among the other great creations from the famed game house and has a large following of fans. Players mingle with a crowd of adorably designed animal characters of various species and there is a bunch of activities to merrily engage in. Other than in actual life, one is not confronted with obligations, except maybe for paying mortgage of the house one resides in - well, that is fair enough, we think. Besides this, it is pretty much open playing and free roaming all the way.

Perhaps, the immersion in this carefree, innocent universe and the high grade of customization that allows players to personalize numerous aspects of their virtual existence make for the charm of Animal Crossing. Collecting objects is one of the main facets within the game, but also outside, the series offers plenty of opportunity for gathering up items. AMIIBO figurines and SANEI BOUEKI PLUSH TOYS are just two very popular examples, however there is a range of other related merchandise that should not be missed out on by any Animal Crossing fan. Below we lined up 3 other product types that have proved good selling items to present them now to you all together in this very article. 

There is for one the ANIMAL CROSSING CHARACTER AND FURNITURE STAMP SETS by TAKARA TOMY. On the bottom of each of these little 'stationery figures' is a stamp surface with either cute faces or slogans. With the stamps you can adorn your letters, agendas or personal notes to give it your own distinct signature. If they are not in use, the stamps make for a decorative little display.

Just like with the balancing game of SUPER MARIO, practice your skills with EPOCHE's NEW LEAVE / BALANCE WORLD SETS. Diorama's just like out of the game!


Lastly, for a simple display of some of the main characters of the game on your desk or shelve, there is the ANIMAL CROSSING SOFT VINYL FIGURE SERIES. If you are a fervent fan of Animal Crossing, we are convinced, we gave you reason to go for at least one of the items here shown. Just a few clicks and your purchase is completed. Many thanks for shopping with us!

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