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Bento Box: Anime Bento Boxes!

Mon, Jan 25th 2016, 18:04:43

The bento culture is one of those things that proves how Japan traditions still alive in nowadays society. The tradition keeps, and despite the materials of Bento boxes changed, the basic concept still the same, in addition, todays Bento boxes features thousand of designs which will give you the chance to purchase for a Bento box who meets your personality, the Bento boxes also have different compartments or even levels which makes easy to carry different types of food without mixing them.

In J-Subculture we have a huge list of Bento boxes and accessories that we're sure you'll love and since the list is so big, we prepare a list of different articles to introduce you all our Bento boxes, we already introduce you the Traditional Bento boxes, and today we want you to check our Anime Bento boxes! 

As we have already mentioned, bento boxes can meet your personality, a Bento box can be traditional, modern or the perfect way to show which is your favorite character. Today we want to introduce you some of the cutest and most amazing bento boxes featuring the most known anime characters like Pikachu, Totoro, Hello Kitty or Rilakkuma! Some of them perfect for kids like the Anpanman or the Tomika police car Bento boxes! 

Featuring one of the most famous anime characters ever, Pokemon's Pikachu! We bring you 3 different options, a traditional style Bento box with a stunning Pokemon design, a three level Bento box featuring Pikachu style patterns and a unique Pikachu face Bento box, "Gotta catch 'em all"!


If you're fan of Gibly studio we have the perfect Bento box for you, with the My Neighbor Totoro and  Kiki's Delivery Service Bento boxes. Take your favorite soup or drink in the  Kiki's Delivery Service thermo or your meal in the My Neighbor Totoro's 2 level Bento box!


You want something funny but elegant? Done! Look at the simple but funny design of Gel-Cool's Polar Bear Bento box line, choose between the small, medium or family size!


Don't forget to check our entire list of this unique collection of the most cute, funny and singular Bento boxes and enjoy your daily meal with your favorite characters and J-Subculture ; )

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