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Japanese Eraser Sets!

Tue, Jan 26th 2016, 18:40:37

Every week we try to introduce you a peculiar Japanese stationery good from our huge stock, and sometimes it's difficult to choose between so many options and good products. Despite all this, it has been pretty easy to choose today's product, in fact we were looking forward to introduce you this one, it's funny, cool, useful, colorful and collectible, today we introduce you the Japanese erasers!

This peculiar erasers are made in a large variety of designs, colors and forms. The majority of the eraser of our list is made by the Japanese company "IWAKO", 100% Japanese made erasers, this company erasers are made by creating different parts and then assembling them in to a single full detailed eraser who features a huge list of designs, animals, food, sports, school accessories or vehicles. 

IWAKO's erasers are 100% made in Japan, recyclable and non toxic, this special company's particular erasers can be found in almost any Japanese stationery goods shop. Though their particular shape and colors, this erasers are 100% functional, and since they are sold in sets you can make a your own eraser collection!

In addition to IWAKO erasers, we present you another well known Japanese company's especial erasers, Tomica's car shape erasers! This crazy collection features some of the best known Japanese cards turned into erasers!

To finish with our particular Japanese eraser list we bring you the most amazing eraser set ever, the Japanese Eraser Making Set! With this set you'll get all you need for making your own erasers in a safe and clean way. Each set includes a special clay look like paste, a mod and a microwave-friendly box.

Just give the desired form to your future eraser with the mod, spraying some water before using it will avoid the clay to stick. When you have all your eraser parts assembled, put the eraser into your white box, add water and microwave it for 30 sec at 600W. You can see the process in the following video:

We have a few more ideas for you in our Japanese eraser set list, check it out and begin your Japanese eraser collection today with J-Subculture! 

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