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Origami sets!

Fri, Jan 29th 2016, 10:24:10

Origami, which literally means folding paper, "ori" and "gami", is one of those things anyone immediately associates to the Japanese culture, and it's, in fact, an important part of both Japanese history and culture. Though it is unclear if the East Asia and Europe paper folding tradition evolved separately or together, it exist since the paper began to be used. In the Japanese case, the first origami is dated from the 6th century after Buddhist monks carried paper to Japan. Nowadays the word origami is used for all paper folding works, no matter their origin, and the term kirigami to refer those designs which use cuts. 

Usually the origami books begin with a description of which is called the origami techniques, a diagrams of basic folds who are used to build the different models, those diagrams are represented using the Yoshizawa-Randlett system who describe the origami folds. 

In addition to the traditional origami and kirigami, we can find the "Action Origami", like the flying origami planes or jumping origami frogs, the "Modular Origami" consisting of putting identical pieces together to conform a specific figure, or the "Wet Folding Origami" where instead of geometrical foldings, the models are made with wet paper to produce gentle curves and very natural looking animal models which keep their shape when the paper dries. 


Today we bring you a huge list of our best origami paper, books, sets and tools. Toyo's TANT 12 color paper packs features 12 different tones of a specific colors, all in the same pack with 96 sheets and a 7.5 x 7.5 cm size, perfect if you're a origami master!  


If this is not enough for you Toyo's 50 color set brings you 50 different colors in a 7 x 7 cm paper, you'll find 1000 sheets in this amazing origami paper pack!

If you want something more traditional you can't miss Toyo traditional pattern origami papers, in the other hand if you feel like making something more modern, check our Origami Origami papers you'll fall in love with them! 

Origami is beautiful but sometimes what you get and what you suppose to get, let say that it's not the same, that's why we bring you some step by step and pre-painted origami sets featuring some of your favorite characters ; )


Our final item is just amazing, with the Shachihata Origami paper maker you just have to take any paper and you'll able to cut it perfectly, no need for scissors, perfect for kits! 

Don't forget to check our entire list, today we bring you the best variety of papers, patterns and colors for you to make the best origamis or start your new passion!  

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