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Japanese tea collection!

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Tea is one of the most common beverage in Japan, you can find tea almost everywhere thanks to the combini stores and the vending machines, Japanese restaurants also give water or tea for free with your order. Tea is cheap, and you can drink it cold or hot depending on the season. Both, vending and the combini stores offer all kind of hot or cold tea in a very convenient prices during the year.

Tea is also a important part of Japanese food an traditional culture, the tea ceremony, for example, is well known all over the world and it represent perfectly the Japanese traditional values. Playing tribute to the tea, is the green tea in his powder version, "matcha", which is used in the ceremony, in fact the green tea is the most common type of tea. 

The word (お茶, ocha) "tea" in Japanese, always refers  to the green tea, when referring to a specific type of tea, the word (お茶) is accompanied with the name of that type of tea. Some of the most well known places for tea cultivation Japanese cities are Kagoshima, Shizuoka or Uji. Among all the different types and variations, Marcha, Ryokucha, Konacha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Oolongcha and Kocha are some of the most popular teas in Japan.  

Matcha is the most known all over the world due to the Japanese tea ceremony, for making this tea, just the highest quality leaves are selected. This leaves are dried and milled in to the matcha powder which is dissolved in hot water. 

The Ryokucha tea have 3 different subtypes depending on the timing of harvest, the "gyokuro", the highest grade is picked during the first harvest, this type is also shaded from sun before harvest. The second type, the sencha tea is also picked up during the first harvest but it is not protected from the sun, and finally the bancha, this type of tea is picked up during the last harvest and is the lower grade of green tea. 

The Koncha is known as the residual green tea, and consist of green tea dust, tea buds and small tea leaves who remain from processing sencha or gyokuro teas. Despite it is considered a low grade tea, this tea is the type of tea is served for self service, and for free at some Japanese restaurants.

The Hojicha tea is a roasted type of tea, during that process some chemical changes brings a sweet, slightly caramel like aroma to this tea.

Genmai is unpolished, brown rice, they are mixed with the tea leaves to produce this type of tea. The roasted rice give the tea its yellowish color and special flavor.

Kocha is another well-known tea, its leaves are oxidized which gives the tea a dark color. It is very popular at western style cafes and restaurants.

If you want to try the real Japanese tea in J- Subculture we have good stock of the most common Japanese teas you'll find in any Japanese super market. Take a look to the list we bring you today and don't hesitate to order some 100% Japanese tea!

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