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 Doraemon, the blue cat robot with a magical pocket! Doraemon is a character made by the Japanese manga/anime artist team called Fujiko Fujio. Doraemon starred in his own manga series which was published in December 1969. The manga gradually gained its own anime series which still airs today in Japan. Doraemon is a huge Japanese cultural icon and has represented Japanese manga and anime culture throughout the years.

Doraemon is a robot who came from the future to help the ancestor of his friend to be happy in life. He is designed as a cat with the name that roughly originates from the Japanese terms どら猫 (doraneko) or "stray cat" as well as his favorite food どらやき (dorayaki), a Japanese confection. He has a pocket that hold a variety of gadgets from the future. While living with Nobita, the boy he is to make happy, he uses these to help reach his goal of making Nobita happy. All he has to do is reach into his pocket, and out comes the very thing he needs. He's the perfect combination of technology and magic.

It would be so convenient to have Doraemon as a friend. Imagine being able to fix any problem with the slightest of ease...and how rad would it be to have a robot for a friend? Doraemon is a wonderful manga/anime series recommended for both children and adults. It has been translated into many languages from Japanese, so if you are unfamiliar with Doraemon, why don't you get to know him a little today? He'd be happy to assist you!

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