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Dec 15th, 07:26:00(JST)

Kigurumi Pajamas!

Fri, Feb 19th 2016, 10:30:54

We are pretty sure that this is probably not the first time you see this kind of stuffed pijamas, but in case you don´t know them yet today we want to introduce you the "Kigurumis", they are the most warm and cozy pajamas ever! "Kigurumi" is a combination of "Kiru" and "Nuigurumi" which means "to wear" and "stuffed toy" in fact that exactly the sensation you´ll have wearing a "Kigurumi", in addition to maintain your body warm and confortable, "Kigurumi" will transform you into a stuffed real size animal or anime character!

The word "Kigurumi" traditionally refers to the person wearing the costume, but the word meaning changed to include the costumes themselves. The "Kigurumi" as gained popularity among child and adults not just in Japan but allover the world, worn as a way to break the conventions and due to its usefulness a lot of people choose the "Kigurumi" as their favorite comfy pajama.

Its relaxed fit makes them the perfect choice for those lazy Sundays, wear your "Kigurumi" and play video games, see your favorite tv series or order and eat pizza, "Kigurumi" is simply perfect, quick to put on, you can wear them the entire day, you won´t want to take your "Kigurumi" off and go back to your regular clothes, we can assure you!

In J-Subculture we want you to feel cozy and warm during this cold winter lazy Sundays, that´s why today we want to introduce you the "Kigurumi" culture and bring you the chance to purchase your first "Kigurumi" or add a new one to your collection, we have all kind of "Kigurumis" just for you, from animals to Disney and anime characters! If you like Doraemon you´ll instantly fall in love with our Doraemon "Kigurumi", full of details and cozy, use its magic pockets to keep your favorite candis, perfect for a lazy Sunday!  


If you´re a creature of the night you´ll love the Bat "Kigurumi"! Spread your wings and enjoy this warm pajama´s cloth during your day off or lazy weekends, it´s also a perfect halloween costume, don´t hesitate to order your Bat "Kigurumi" pajama, you wont regret it!


The Owl "Kigurumi" is also fabulously cozy and a perfect addition to your wardrobe, it's kinder not fair how adorable you'll look in it! Be the wisest person at your costume party, as soon as you're ready to head on home your "Kigurumi" instantly becomes pajamas! 

Rilakkuma is a well known Japanese character and now you´ll be able to wear it as a "Kigurumi"! This full of details pajama is cozy and warm, but beware! once you wear it you won´t want to take ir off again! 

This is probably one of the funniest "Kigurumi´s" of our collection, the Blue Unicorn Kigurumi! If you´ve ever wanted to be a blue unicorn with a pink tail, this is definitively your chance to make your dream come true, wear it as a costume or pajama and be the craziest person at the party! 

Our "Kigurumi" list is huge and varied, anyway all of them are cozy and warm, the perfect choice for your pajama collection, check the entire list and don´t hesitate to order your new "Kigurumi" to make this winter the warmer ever thanks to your brand new "Kigurumi" pajama and J-Subculture! 

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