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Jan 20th, 12:30:14(JST)

5,000 Point Campaign!

Tue, Mar 1st 2016, 18:10:44

Leap Day Campaign!

So as you know, 2016 is the lucky year that gets nicknamed as "Leap Year." This year is the year of the day that appears once every four years--February 29th, otherwise known as "Leap Day." In Japanese, "Leap Day" is written as 「閏日」 (uruubi). The Chinese character  「閏」 originates from China. In China, the king would stay behind doors and not take on any official business whatsoever on this day.

Also, in Britain, only on the day that would come once every four years, Leap Day, would women be permitted to propose to men. If men were proposed to, they could not decline. There is a theory that the men who declined such proposals would have to pay a fine...but is that really true? Nowadays, this tradition has changed, it being said that men who are proposed to by women on Leap Day will find happiness.

People born on Leap Day are sometimes called, "leap-year babies" or "leaplings." The next Leap Day we'll have will be the year 2020. Leap Years observed by the Chinese calendar will be the year of the monkey like this year, the year of the rat, or the year of the dragon. Isn't that interesting?


Now, moving onto the main subject, we at J-subculture would like our members to "leap" more than ever before, so we're going to have a 5,000 point campaign!

By February 26th, please tell us one of the top products you ordered or won on during January to February from this link: CONTACT US

The customers who are selected on February 29th will be given 5,000 points!

We're waiting for you! Leap up and join the campaign!


Winner Announcement!

We hope you all could spend a pleasant 29th of February. The Leap Day Campaign has been decided and we are happy to announce the lucky winner of the draw. It is client su*******, congratulations to the award of 5000 points! 

We like to thank everybody participating in this time's campaign. See soon again and definitely try your luck next time around.

Best regards from the J-Subculture Team

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