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Japanese Oil Blotting Paper

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 Do you know about the benefits of using Japanese oil blotting paper? In Japanese, oil blotting paper is "aburatorigami," which literally translates to "oil removal paper" in English. These papers have been used in Japan by traditional performers such as geisha or Kabuki actors to upkeep one's makeup. Japanese oil blotting paper is better than most brands out there because it gently absorbs the oils/sweat from the face without removing or messing up the makeup already applied on one's face. Using oil blotting paper is beneficial for one's skin, especially for those with an oily complextion.


What makes Japanese oil blotting papers even more awesome is how they're biodegradable. After using these sheets of paper, they can decompose naturally, putting no burdens on the earth and its environment. To use these oil blotting papers is simple. All you have to do is take a sheet out, apply it on the areas of the face you feel are oily, and press it gently. After you remove the sheet, you can see how much oil has been absorbed from the area. It's pretty satisfying to have visible proof of the small changes that took place. Some oil blotting papers have designs on them that can been seen after usage, such as flowers or stars. It makes the process all the more enjoyable!

For delicate, oily skin, using these Japanese oil blotting papers are essential to one's routine. They are natural and soft to the skin. What is there not to like about them? Avaliable in convenient, pretty packaging, these oil blotting papers are a staple to anyone with or without makeup. Left alone, oils can build up in facial pores overtime. These excess oils eventually lead to acne. Also, these oils leave the face looking greasy and shiny. To avoid this, simply use one or two sheets of oil blotting paper and poof! A worry-free, smooth complextion, always.

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