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Peko-chan is the name of an adorable girl mascot of the Japanese confectionery company Fujiya Co., Ltd. With her absolutely kawaii, retro looks, Peko-chan has stolen the hearts of many across Japan. Peko-chan has been the mascot of Fujiya since 1950, first appearing on a box of milk-flavored candies called Milky. 

Her name comes from the Japanese words ぺこぺこ (peko peko) or 腹ペコ (hara peko) which mean "hungry" in English. She always has her tongue out of her mouth and off to the right side of her face to show how hungry she is. Her eyes are large and round, and she always has her hair tied in pig tails and ribbons. Back in 1950, there were dolls of Peko-chan placed in the front of every Fujiya store in Japan. From there on, the design of Peko-chan slowly changed into how it is now. The original dolls were created from paper, but the current dolls are now crafted from plastic. She also comes in different costumes as well!

Peko-chan is most recognizable on Fujiya packages of Milky, but she is also on other packages of Japanese sweets such as lollipops and chocolates. There are even desserts with Peko-chan on them, such as cake rolls, pudding, and ice cream! Who can resist Peko-chan's sweet smile? Try some Peko-chan snacks today!

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