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Kadokeshi Erasers!

Mon, Feb 22nd 2016, 11:21:49

 Kokuyo Kadokeshi is the name of a type of novelty eraser designed by Hideo Kanbara. It won the Kokuyo Design Award in 2002, and was chosen for the Good Design Award in Japan. It was even displayed in an art exhibit of the Museum of Modern Arts in 2004! Kadokeshi erasers aren't your ordinary erasers--they have 28 corners to them! Having more corners than the average eraser is a huge advantage because it can erase the pencil marks that are usually hard to get at with normal erasers. There are many corners to choose from, and its design allows its users to manipulate exactly where it erases on the paper. "Kadokeshi" comes from the Japanese words 角 (kado) which means "corner" and 消しゴム (keshigomu) which means "eraser."

Kadokeshi erasers are highly practical, with a futuristic design many people favor when it comes to choosing stationery. Kadokeshi erasers don't smudge papers or leave much eraser shavings while being able to reach tiny details made by pencils. It's a soft eraser despite its design, because it uses materials that make it sturdy enough for actual use. This functional eraser is a big hit among students and artists. Kadokeshi erasers are petit, unique erasers that are great for controlled erasing. This ingeniously designed eraser is sure to become your new favorite!

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