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"Naive" Beauty Products

Mon, Feb 22nd 2016, 13:08:49

 Today we would like to introduce you to a beauty product line we love called, "Naive" by Kracie. Naive was first produced in 1994 as a 100% plant-based body soap. Now there are a variety of natural, plant-based products avaliable for use. Its concept is for everyone in the family to have healthy skin. Because Naive products are plant-based, they're gentle to the skin. Naive soaps create rich, creamy lather that capture even the slightest of dirt from the skin. After washing off all the bubbles, your skin is left feeling silky and soft. 


 Naive beauty products include body soaps, shampoos, face washes and more! Now they include organic ingredients in their products for a mixture that is even better for a healthy skin rountine. Those organic ingredients are soap nuts, olives, and jojoba. The soap nuts are part of what makes Naive products extra special. Using soap nuts help make soap bubbles clean the skin mildly compared to other soap brands: 


They do not use any of the following in their products: artificial coloring, paraben, mineral oils, alcohol, and silicon. With Naive beauty products being this fantastic, it kind of makes you wonder why you weren't using them in the first place, right? Well, now you can acquire these products here through J-Subculture! To smooth, healthy skin for all! 

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