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Pentel Art Brush!

Fri, Feb 26th 2016, 18:50:58

Originally founded in 1897, "Pentel" is derived from the combination of "pen" and "tell" and was originally the name of this Japanese stationery brand´s product line. However, Pentel Co., Ltd. of Japan adopted it as its company name in 1971. This manufacturer is known for its intelligently designed Pentel "Sharp" or mechanical pencil. Pentel recently entered the gel ink pens and brushes, today we want to introduce you one of its major success, the Pentel Art Brush Pens!  

The Pentel Art Brush Pens are perfect for making amazing effects in your drawings like color gradations and soft blurred effects. Imagine how those effect will look with the vivid and characteristic color of Pentel´s Art Brush Pens, your creative possibilities will be infinite! This brush pens are a prefect choice for drawing, illustrating, writing or improving your calligraphy skills.


By squeezing the ink cartridge you´ll be able to control the dye based ink flow of your brush pen, and if you run out of ink, no worries, just order a refill, change your cartridge and keep drawing! Pentel Art Brush Pens have a nylon brush tips, touch tips of different color together to create astounding gradations, or touch your Pentel Art Brush Pen´s brush tip to water to lighten or blur colors before drawing, Pentel Art Brush Pens brings you thousand of posible color combinations for you to make stunning works of art! 

In J-Subculture we think that Pentel´s Art Brush Pens are a must have in your artist pen case, and we spend some time making a list of all our deals in Pentel Art Brus Pens and refills, don´t hesitate to order and try them, you´ll instantly fall in love with this brush pen ink´s vibrant and reach color, you´ll turn almost anything into a masterpiece with Pentel´s Art Brush Pens! 

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