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Nov 21st, 19:28:41(JST)

Olympus Make-Make Patchwork Kits!

Thu, Mar 3rd 2016, 10:56:10

Olympus, founded in 1924, is the largest Japanese company in the field of creative hobbies, they manufactures fabrics of highest quality. Both printed and woven are used for quilting, but also for cardboarding or clothing. Olympus products fabrics are 100% Japanese. Today we want to introduce you the Olympus Make-Make Patchwork Kits!

You´ll instantly fall in love with this cute patchworks, made with 100% Japanese fabrics of the highest quality. Lets take a look to some of the most beautiful kits of the carefully selected list we made just for you! Take a look to this three cute animal patchworks, they are something else than a Bear, Frog or Dog patchworks, they are also a small coin bags! 

Olympus Cute pet series features key cases, tissue cover pouches or pen cases with cute pets designs. No matter which cute pet you choose, you´ll love this cats or dogs patchworks! 

This beautifully designed hand and shoulder bags are made with 100% Japanese fabrics of the highest quality, don´t hesitate to purchase and wear the best patchwork style! 

Look how beautifully captured in this two amazing patchworks are the Momotaro and Kaguya Hime Japanese traditional tales! 

Olympus make-make patchwork kits also features the cutest patchwork plush dolls for kids! This plush dolls are inspired in Japanese designs, look how adorable they are, your kids will instantly fall in love with them! 

This is just a little selection of the huge list we bring you today. Don´t hesitate to purchase this cute patchworks made with 100% Japanese fabrics of the highest quality, they´re not just a simple patchworks but extremely useful bags, bottle cases, puches or coin cases. Enjoy the best Japanese patchwork with Olympus make-make patchwork kits and J-subculture!  

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