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 What in the world is a Funassyi??? Funassyi, or Funasshi, is the name of a famous Japanese mascot character! It unofficially represents the city of Funabashi, which is located in Chiba prefecture. Funassyi is what is known as a "pear fairy." Its yellow appearance resembles a pear, which is one of the local products of Funabashi. Funassyi is genderless, has a high voice, and energetic attitude. Its original purpose is to cheer up the people of Funabashi while promoting it to other places in Japan. It's different from most mascot characters (or "yuru-chara") since it speaks for itself and isn't officially approved. The vibrant, loud energy of its adorable nature has grown popular among the Japanese over the years.

There's lots of info out there on this lovable pear fairy. Funassyi, whose real name is Funadis IV, is the fourth child among 274 other pear fairies! Its parents are average pear trees. Funassyi often appears on media, with its own animation, CD album, and numerous commercials. Its birthday is July 4, and it turns 1,877 years old this year! It usually ends its sentences with "nashi." (Just to let you know that "nashi" means "pear" in Japanese.) When it leaps, you can hear it screaming, "hyahhaaa!" It's a huge fan of heavy metal music, and you can often find it head banging, screaming, and jumping violently all over the place like so:

Sometimes, Funassyi's brother, Funagoro, tags along Funassyi's little outings. Funagoro is Funassyi's 56th brother, and unlike Funassyi, he's half pear and half caterpillar. When they're together, they're crazy enough to have a party! And aren't they so cute? 

Mascot characters like Funassyi are important to Japan, because they represent the myriad of traditional cultures from various areas in Japan. They incorporate local cultures and histories into their simple, unique designs, and bring light to the transformations of culture taking place all across Japan as it continues to expand into the modern world. Funassyi has lots of goods to help promote its hometown, Funabashi. Spread the cheer with your own Funassyi goods! Hyahhaaa! 

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