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Japanese Facial Washing Nets

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 With the large variety of facial products avaliable in Japan, you've got to admit that the Japanese can be a little obsessed with proper facial care. Living in Japan has made me grow more conscious of how my facial care is going. Am I cleansing my face correctly? Do these products work for me? There are so many questions that arise when you start to consider what is best for your skin. Here in Japan, many people have adopted the use of facial washing nets to their facial care routines because of the perks you can gain from their usage. What's so great about nets though? Well, for one thing, you can enjoy thick, creamy foam like this:

Whether you wash your face twice a day or not, this unique, simple item is a staple for cleansing your face. Facial washing nets can whip up rich, bubbly foam in no amount of time! They can be used at home and on trips as well, through their convenient sizes. 

They're exactly what their names claim them to be. In Japan, we have a custom of washing our face not with soap, but with soap bubbles. The bubbles created from soap enter our pores and remove the deep dirt and oils that have settled in our skin. However, washing your face through bubbles you've made by hand isn't enough. You see, using a net creates fine bubbles that are small enough to truly reach deep into our skin's pores. However, without a net, the soap used to wash our faces only touch the surface, leaving you prone to breakouts later on. Also, washing your face directly with your hands (instead of letting bubbles work their magic) causes stress to your skin, creating future wrinkles. That is why it is crucial to wash the face by nets. Washing the face with fine bubbles is one of the key secrets to perfect skin in Japan.

*Please don't use the net directly onto your face.

 Facial washing nets have grown so popular that now they come in different designs! For example, there are nets that have colorful sponges inside of them to increase the lather made and nets that are shaped into pretty objects, like Sailor Moon's ribbon and beautiful roses:

These kind of facial washing nets are lovely, but sometimes simple is best. With a good design and lots of perks, you'll never want to wash your face without these nets ever again. You can put bar soap into these nets for direct soap making, but liquid soap and foam soap are also okay! Either way, you'll end up with creamy foam that'll deeply cleanse your face. 

Renew your facial care routine today through these bubbly nets, and say goodbye to improper skin care forever!

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