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Onigiri Cases!

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 Onigiri, or rice ball, is a Japanese food made from white rice formed into triangular and usually wrapped in seaweed or "nori". This traditional food is probably one of the best knowns Japanese foods, one of the most popular not just in Japan, but all over the world. Even though Japanese convenience stores are the perfect place for buying cheap and tasty Onigiris, there are still traditional take away Onigiri shops. 

Onigiri is made with light salted plain rice, some people thinks that the rice is used for making Onigiri is basically the same one used for sushi, but unlike Onigiri´s plain rice, sushi´s rice is flavored with salt, sugar and vinegar. In addition, and despite the traditional Onigiris are filled with umeboshi, pickled ume, tarako, katsuobushi, salted salmon or any salty or sour ingredients, nowadays this super tasty rice triangles are filled with all kind of ingredients. 

If you have a rice cooker Onigiri is not just an easy recipe, but a super convenient take away food, in fact Onigiris are super popular among Japanese salarymans. Even though Onigiri´s traditional form is triangular, you can make your rice balls circular or with a ball form. You can also dress your Onigiri´s outside with sesame or make which is known as Yaki Onigiri, just toast up lightly your Onigiri in a fry pan for a few minutes, you´ll get a super crispy and tasty Onigiri! 

Today we bring you a collection of our Onigiri Cases, with them you can bring your Onigiri with you to your job and have it at lunch! We also bring you a selection of ingredients and kitchenware for you to make super tasty Onigiris! Don´t hesitate to try this traditional Japanese recipe and enjoy your home made Onigiris with J-Subculture! 


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