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LANTO "Tealeidoscope"!

Tue, Apr 5th 2016, 09:31:15

If you like tea you´re aware of the inconvenience of cleaning up your whole teapot set every time you make a tea cup, in addition, some tea bags may change the taste of your tea. If you´re tired of all this, but you still loving the benefits of drinking tea, today we have the perfect solution for you, we want to introduce you the LANTO "Tealeidoscope"!

This weird name was inspired by the childhood memories of looking into the Kaleidoscope, which have a similar shape, and being amazed by all those amazing color, forms and patterns. Tealeidoscope allows you to drink your daily tea without loosing its aroma and save time at the same time, you´ll never gonna need your teapot set anymore! 

You just need to push the only button of the Tealeidoscope and its canister will show, just put some tea leaves on it and close the compartment by pressing the same button. Now you just need a cup and some hot water, stir with the Tealeidoscope gently until your tea is infused and you´ll get a perfect and tasty tea. It´s that simple, that´s all, when you finish your tea just press the button once more and you´ll able to throw away and clean the used tea leaves.

This useful and amazing gadget haves the prestigious Red Dot design award due to its amazing and unique design. Available in 6 different colors, black, red, yellow, green, white and purple, this could be the definite tea infuser! 


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