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Apple Park Organic!

Tue, Apr 26th 2016, 18:12:37

Today we offer to you a cute, adorable and lovely collection of puppets for your babies. But as you can imagine, it´s not a simply puppet collection. This special brand, called Apple Park, only designs and creates its precious cuddly toys with organic materials.

They fight against using harmful materials such as polyester which may cause cancer, asthma and other illnesses by emitting toxic chemicals that mutate DNA. But don´t you worry, all Apple Park products are safe for your child. For example,  for making one of his blankies, they use soy fiber for the hair tuft, recycled non-toxic plastic safety eyes for the eyes, 100% organic cotton for the Body, Bill & Webbed Feet, natural corn fiber for the filling and even the packaging is made with 100% recycled paper printed with soy ink. 

But there are also a lots of products you will love to surround your baby with, such as blankets and blankies, backpacks and lunckpacks, accessories, soft block sets, balls, squeaky toys, etc. all of them made with a mix of organic fabrics for a delicious touch and also 100% organic cotton with a natural silk trim and buddy attached. 

Its softness and appearance (they all are sweet and little bears, ducks, monkeys, lambs, etc.) will bring peace and comfort to your baby and calm to you as a concerned parent. They do take care. For your baby, and for the planet.

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