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Zebra 1 Optex EZ Highlighters!

Wed, May 4th 2016, 17:17:21

Even if you are an student or a professor or if you just want to highlight your notes in a funny way, you will love this truly amazing collection of highlighters. And that´s because the brand we are introducing to you, is surely one of the best of the world! It is Zebra, and the special highlighter we are talking about is Optex 1 EZ.

Your study books will never be boring again! You will fill all your notebooks with wonderful and dreamy colors that will last eternally! You will be able to alternate colors in a very artistic way! You can choose between some classical colors such as yellow, orange and green, or try others like red, brown and purple. Notice that our red is a special one: it´s some kind of magical coral red, which allows you to make your writing really pop out! All our colors are shinny, bright and what is more important: they doesn't fade.

Zebra's Optex 1 EZ highlighter is highly easy to uncap, and that means that it has an "EZ cap": in other words, you will be able to pop right off by squeezing it at the special squeeze points. All of these highlighters are refillable, which it means that are eco-friendly (reducing waste and saving costs). And don´t you doubt about this: Zebra´s Optex 1 EZ highlighters refilling is super simple! You don´t have to do anything special! And continuing with the ecological concept, all these highlighters are made of recycled materials, contributing to the environment protection. 

Zebra´s ink will last long! You will notice that the ink is lightfast and flows smoothly in a highly controlled way. Don´t you search for more! You have found the perfect colleague for your studying moments, when boredom is coming… all you need in those hideous moments is the exact dose of exciting and fascinating colors! 

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