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Nov 21st, 19:27:09(JST)

Zebra Knock Highlighter Pens!

Tue, May 10th 2016, 09:32:37

Summer is so close to us, but for many students it is still time to spend the whole day with their heads inside their books and notebooks… the final exams are coming! In order to help them and make their task much more easy, we introduce you one of the best highlighters you will surely find. The Zebra Knock Highlighters, available in beautiful and addictive ink colors such as yellow, pink, orange, green and blue!

All these pens will make so easy to highlight the important parts of your texts. And you will truly love the amazing system of the Zebra Knock Highlighters: you only have to press the top knock button to extend the chiseled highlighter tip with one hand. The internal cap mechanism ensures that it won't dry out, and the highlighter body even has a convenient plastic clip to attach to your pockets.

The design is so simple and sleek, and the capless concept is very liked! The colors are so bright but not as the kinda-neon ones: they are translucent and clean, this makes them so pleasant in note-taking! That´s because they are very "pastel". And this is very important: it makes reading the writing underneath much easier!

Their dimensions are 5.5 inches (14 cm) long and 0.5 inches (13 mm) in diameter.The highlighter has a hard tip, so you can get very nice wide lines: you can write fairly thin! They have 2 sizes of tips with different thicknesses, being this so useful! You will no regret purchasing any of these excellent and colorful highlighters… feel the summer on your fingertips and celebrate passing your exams! 

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