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Hachi - Japanese Seasonings

Sun, May 22nd 2016, 16:54:57

 カレーライス (curry rice) is one popular dish in Japan that originated outside the country. Especially now that it's growing warmer, we're craving something hot and spicy to sate our appetites. That's where Japanese curry rice comes in.

The first Japanese-styled curry rice produced in Japan was 蜂カレー (hachi curry, or bee curry) by the Japanese company "Hachi." It was called that because of a charming incident involving a pretty, golden bee. Curry rice has come to be a favorite dish amongst practically all Japanese people. During the Meiji period of Japan, the British introduced the idea of "curry" to Japan from India. Nowadays, curry rice is made easily by curry roux cubes you place in hot water. However, to truly enjoy the flavorful magic of curry, you've got to add just the right spices that agree with you. Hachi produces many spices and seasonings you can use, not only for curry, but plently of other dishes as well!

For curry, we mainly use "curry powder," but there are also many other spices avaiable. There's black pepper, ukon, cinammon, and more! Hachi is a long-trusted brand to all Japanese since 1845. The spices and seasonings sold by Hachi are kept in convenient sized bottles. The recommendations for what to use for Japanese-styled curry are: habanero, shichimi or togarashi, nutmeg, so on and so forth. If you're interested in jazzing up your dishes, why don't you try Hachi's seasonings?

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