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3D Plastic Puzzles!

Fri, May 27th 2016, 10:43:28

There is something truly unique and amazing in building a funny puzzle in the third dimension! Discover an amazing way of creating realistic and vivid famous buildings all over the world with just using your imagination and your hands! All these 3D plastic puzzles are made with pieces that fit together precisely. 

Create stunning 3D objects with individually shaped and bendable puzzle pieces and remember… there is no glue required! Puzzle the world’s most famous buildings like the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building. You will be able to create perfect angles because all are hinged strong plastic shaped puzzle pieces, which they are also numbered on the back, in order to make easier your puzzle project in 3D! 

You will be able to live the experience of creating and puzzling awesome constructions; for example, impressive models of famous castles, buildings and even cute country cottages! All these plastic jigsaw puzzles are cleverly designed, with perfect connections that arrange an incredible stability. And all this amazing process with no glue!

All you need is to follow the helping step-by-step illustrated instructions and you will be more than satisfied when your little and perfect castle, cottage, famous buildings, etc. are done. You will be thrilled with these beautiful recreations! 

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