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Soramame Ink Pads!

Thu, Jun 2nd 2016, 18:33:33

Listen here all the crafting, scrapbooking and artists in general! As a paper craft enthusiast, you are always looking for the best creative tools to enhance your designs. It doesn´t matter if you’re decorating a scrapbook or finishing off a beautiful card, you will need help to create diverse and colorful crafts. What we are offering is just what you need.

Create dynamic papercrafts with this gorgeously-colourful ink pads! They come in super colorful packs of four. Make an impression with your papercraft. Ink pads for stamping are perfect for paper and home crafts. If you want to brighten your day with vivid and funny colors, this very special selection will help you, don´t you doubt about it!

Soramame Ink comes in packs of 4 colors small ink pads. And what you need to know about this special ink: is super fast drying, dye-based ink, acid free, the pads stay inked during storage, they provide exceptional ink coverage, especially with solid-image stamps.

Splash vibrant hues in your creative projects with any of these amazing ink pad kits. Work with your kids, encourage their imagination, an also yours! These ink pads come with raised felt surfaces that are convenient for small creative projects. A whole cute and colorful world of crafting is waiting for you! 

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