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Simply Fido Squeaky Toys!

Thu, Jun 2nd 2016, 18:33:31

All the pet-lovers, and specially the dog lovers are going to adore this product! These Simply Fido squeaky toys are the perfect help for your little friend: funny and incredibly helpful squeaky toys for your dogs, made with certified organic fabric, with a low eco impact dye process, chemical free and what it´s more important: safe and certified non-toxic. 

Any of these organic plushies are made with an excellent quality. We offer many adorable characters that look great even after machine wash; a really great product! Your dogs they are going to love them! They are super soft and durable, and knowing that your little pet is chewing organic cotton and not some dangerous toxic material will make you happy!

These are just the cutest non-toxic little stuffed toys you can buy. Your dogs are going to like these toys so much that they are going to take it to bed with them and sleep with it! Your puppies will love to slobber on it, but don´t you worry about it: both the washer and dryer will not harm the product; it comes out fine. 

You will be able to choose between the most fluffy and adorable characters, such as a white cow, a pink lamb, a brown monkey, a blue bear, a green crocodile, a pink bunny, a blue owl, a natural giraffe, a pink lizard, etc. Your dog will love to squeeze the toy; there are plenty of options for him to squeak it… and knowing that your dog is safe if he eats this organic product… it´s priceless!


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