Vibrating Cat Paws!. -

Jan 21st, 23:24:33(JST)

Vibrating Cat Paws!

Mon, Jul 4th 2016, 21:33:02

This is a super cool item. A handheld vibrating super cute cat paw massager equipped with soft and rounded pads for gentle caressing of overworked muscles! It is available in both brown and pink.

Firebox has released this highly helpful handheld vibrating massager equipped with a built-in flashlight and soft, rounded pads for gentle caressing of overworked muscles. Brown and pink versions of the feline-themed massager are available!

Gently massage your body with the soft paddy paws of a cat, push down gently and they will begin to vibrate. It is amazingly smooth; the rounded nubs will gently caress your muscles! It feels incredibly comforting and natural. The massager is very consistent, and you can keep this cat paw in your drawer or desk for whenever you feel those aches in your shoulders.

It has just the right length to get to those hard-to-reach areas. Is handy built-in flashlight for massaging in the dark whenever you are sleepy… These hand-held mitts are endowed with soft, rounded pads; you just have to press them down onto an area of your body that needs a little relief and they will firmly vibrate soothing and caressing your poor muscles! 

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