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Puyo Puyo Plush Dolls!

Wed, Jul 6th 2016, 18:35:32

Puyo Puyo is a series of tile-matching video games created by Compile. Sega has owned the franchise since 1998, with most releases after 2001 being handled by Sonic Team. The success of Street Fighter II influenced Puyo Puyo's focus on competitive gameplay, trying out many mechanics in an attempt to recapture the fighting game's competitive nature.


Puyo Puyo got really popular when it hit arcades and introduced the competitive play. For a long time, this series is what kept Compile going - several Puyo spinoffs were made to capitalize on the popularity Sega distributed the arcade versions, so their consoles often got the Puyo games before any of the other systems.


Instead of simply trying to survive, you are trying to think faster and smarter than your opponent. When you match four of the same colored blob together, they disappear. All of the blobs above it will fall down, probably eliminating other blobs. And then, after creating your create combos, little grey garbage blobs fall on your opponent's screen!


That´s why Puyo Puyo´s game characters are so renowned and loved, and that´s because we are bringing to you these adorable Puyo Puyo plush toys! Every one of it is super huggable and lovely, specially Carbunkle! Give any of these to your children and they will love you eternally! 

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