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FunLoom Rubbers!

Wed, Jul 6th 2016, 18:35:26

Our kids use to have fun in many different ways as we did… but there are funny, creative and safe things to do -by their own- or with their parents and friends… one of them is precisely what we are offering today… the FunLoom rubber bands for designing and making beautiful bracelets!

This high-quality kit is designed to produce attractive jewelry, and the precious and high-quality rubber bands provide the ultimate artistic experience. This product contains top quality components. You will be able to wear your creative bracelets with your casual outfits!

You already know that the quality of the rubber bands is very important. Some break easily or do not last very long. In addition to this, they are designed with the most luscious and vivid colors such as black, white, red, rose, pink, yellow, orange, purple, green, etc.

You will help for kids to create amazing bracelets and jewelry, and working with them will be a moment of joy and happiness! And it´s very important to say that these rubber bands are lab tested 100% latex-free, phthalates & lead free. All these rubber bands are super stretchy, soft and durable. Perfect and safe for the kids! 

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