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PLUS Deco Rush!

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Decorate your life. Color your plans. Express your feelings. Create your personal design. Deco Rush!

PLUS Stationery Company offers various stationery supplies in abundance. Their products come from flexible ideas based on the concept of both formative and functional design. They are environmentally friendly and unique to please its users. One of their most famous products is their line of decoration tapes known as, "Deco Rush."

Deco Rush tapes are not your ordinary tapes. These tapes come in compact sizes that are easy to grip and fun to use. Each Deco Rush tape contains long rolls of tape that have a specific design printed on them. To use them is quite simple: just click, pull the tape down and across the flat surface you'd like to use the tape on. 

 While there are many types of Deco Rush designs to choose from, through one "body," you can use other kinds of designs, so that way you can enjoy many tapes! Popular designs include hearts, hippos, flowers, and more! Deco Rush uses advanced stationery technology. You can apply tape smoothly in little time through its pen-like operation. 

Deco Rush can be used for designing many things. You can create your own, unique pattern on gifts and cards, as well as highlight important events in your schedule, or even outline your personal notebooks and memo pads. Through one click and drag, the possibilities are endless.

At J-Subculture, we have a variety of Deco Rush tapes avaliable through shopping and auction. Scroll down below and choose your favorite Deco Rush tape. Decorate your life.

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